I’m Pregnant

“Really?” She sighed inwardly and shook her head as her eyes rolled involuntarily, “You honestly think I would have cheated on you? With your best friend right?” 

She was furious, how on earth could he accuse her of such a thing. 

She glanced over at him sitting in the chair and crossed her arms over her chest, “Well?”

He glanced up for the first time since he sat down, “Listen, you don’t have to lie to me anymore. I already know the truth.”

Her mouth fell open as her eye brows furrowed. She raised both hands to him briefly then clasped them together in front of herself, “Fine.”

That was the sign. That was the, ‘you’re really acting too stupid to deal with right now so I’m leaving’ sign. He knew it and he knew there was nothing he could say to get her to stay where she was. She was going to her sister’s house. Not only that, she was taking the kids. 


John glanced up again just in time to see his wife Kathryn leave the room. This was a constant thing. He would say something she didn’t like, they would argue, she would say ‘fine.’ and then she would pack her things for a week at her sister’s. Only recently did she start taking the kids with her when she went. This time was different though. Something about the way she had reacted, it made him think maybe he was right in his accusation. Maybe she had cheated on him.

Kathryn had went upstairs to pack her things. She knew Bay and Toby would be home from school soon and she would have to explain to them the reason for there time at her sister’s again. She dreaded doing this. Her and John used to be so happy. Things were so great before. What had happened? 


“Hey mom? Dad?” Kathryn heard Bay down stairs in the kitchen. Toby would be right behind her, hopefully today he didn’t bring friends home, or his new girlfriend. 

“Yeah sweetheart. I’m upstairs, will you come here a minute?” Kathryn knew Bay was going to roll her eyes stomp her feet about to her aunt house again. ‘Why can’t we stay here with dad?’ she would ask. Kathryn didn’t have the answer to that question and so she usually just said because she said so. This time, it would be different. 

“Yeah mom, be there in a sec.—Hey Toby’s home, want him to come too?” 

Kathryn felt a rush of heat flood her cheeks, how was she going to tell her children about what she had done? How was she going to explain?

“Yeah, I’d like Toby to come as well. Make it quick please you two, don’t doddle in the kitchen.” She sat down on her bed and crossed her legs as she waited for her children. She thought idly what John was doing, how John was going to take the news when she finally got around to telling him.


Bay and Toby came through the bedroom door and looked at her puzzled. Kathryn looked up and sighed some, 

“Close the door please Toby.” She motioned for them to sit down and a serious look came over her face. Instantly Bay knew something was wrong. Her and her mother had been close since she was a baby so she could always tell when her mother was upset. 

“Bay. Toby. I need to talk to you both about something very serious. We are going to be staying at your aunt house again for a while. Now, I know we just got back a few days ago, but something has happened between your father and I and I feel it is time we discuss something a bit more–” she paused, trying to find the words she needed to say was so difficult as she looked into the faces of her two children. “permanent.” 

Bay’s mouth dropped, “Do you mean you and Dad aren’t going to be together anymore?” 

Toby looked equally as concerned as Bay but managed to stay quiet. However, Bay continued, 

“What happened? Did he cheat on you? Did you cheat on him? Why can’t you guys just love each other like you used to?!” 

Kathryn put her hand up to stop her daughter and sighed. She was embarrassed of herself. She glanced up at Bay who had sat back in the chair and was now sitting quietly, but Kathryn could tell the wheels and gears in her head were spinning. She knew there was no easy way to tell her family, no easy way at all. However, she knew it was now or never. 

She brushed her shoulder length sandy blonde hair out of her face and looked up at both her children, 

“Yes Bay, I cheated on your father.” Kathryn hadn’t said those words out loud ever, not in the last six months since she had started cheating. However, she knew with what was coming next she needed to tell her family. One sidelong glance at Bay and she knew it was time to finish giving them the horrible news. She sighed and reached for a tissue, 

“Also, I’m pregnant.”





[This was a bit different from a normal AxeGirl post however, I was inspired by the Weekly Writing Challenge – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/writing-challenge-dialogue/ so I hope you all enjoyed something a little different from AxeGIrl]



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