Life’s Not The Breath’s You Take


Seeing as it’s 2:13 am where I am, and I should be sleeping my yawn should be understandable. 

Anyways, in my last post I wrote about my crucifixion. I can’t yet write about my resurrection because I have yet to see my counselor. Today, I actually want to take a break from my BPD world of Dylan and let you know a little bit about me and what’s going on in my life other than the crazy roller coaster that is Dylan. 


Hello. My name is Axe Girl. I got this nickname after a television series I’m sure some of you may be familiar with, Switched At Birth. No my name is not Bay, and no I was not switched at birth. The reason I got this nickname was because of what Bay’s AxeGirl stood for. She was Bay’s escape, her confidant, her artistic relief from the crazy world that was her’s. AxeGirl stood for something more than Bay. The reason my nick name is Axe Girl, is simply because I stand for something more than myself. Not religiously, not politically, or anything like that. No, just simply standing for something more. I believe that anyone can do, hypothetically and theoretically, anything. 

So again, my name is Axe Girl. My age is irrelevant and obviously, I’m a female. I am happily taken by the love of my life, my Dylan. We are semi-long distance with a few up’s and down’s. I have one cat and I suppose you could say I technically have six dogs. [Four dogs that live with me, and two dogs that live with my parent’s, well mom anyways.] I have short, curly, dark brown hair and big round brown eyes. I’m about average height since female’s have progressively gotten taller, but I stand at about 5′ 7 1/2″. I’m thin and some what athletic. I did fairly well in school, after I stopped ditching Senior year and got it together. I love music, it is my passion. I also love to paint and obviously to write. 

My future is in my hands at the moment. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do after I graduated high school. So I went to college. After a few months of that, I realized that wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I also fell in love with this guy, who by now all of my readers should know. I thought I would join the military, Navy specifically. Well, after a few months [before I shipped to RTC (Recruit Training Center)] I decided, that wasn’t for me either. If you all recall, in my Pregnancy Angst post, my dream is and always has been to be a wife and mother. My Dylan and I are currently engaged and trying, quite unsuccessfully, to have a child. Dylan wants a girl, Alice Hanah or Elizabeth Denise, and I want a boy, Gavin Michael or Alaric Glen. However, due to the unsuccessfulness of our baby making en-devour we have decided to wait a little longer and so now I am currently talking with an AF recruiter about leaving for AF RTC in Texas as soon as possible to be a paralegal in the Air Force. My Dylan just got a job working at a retail store and is thinking about taking a few college course’s for EMT while he goes to therapy so that he can also join the air force as a Fire Fighter. 

So, I guess not everything in my life is crazy. Not all days are BPD bad days and Dylan and I don’t always fight. We didn’t today, in case you all were wondering. Hopefully it’s the same tomorrow, but every day comes with it’s little surprises. I just take life one breath at a time. 


“Life’s not the breath’s you take, the breathing in and out, that gets you through the day. That ain’t what it’s all about. You just might miss the point, trying to win the race. Life’s the not the breath’s you take, but the moment’s that take your breath away.” – George Straight 




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