From Furious To Irate In .2 Seconds

When I started to type this, I had no clue what I was going to write about. 

All I knew was Axe Girl was angry and Axe Girl needed to blow off some steam.

Today I got news that was less than pleasing to say the least. 

So what did I do? I plugged my head phone’s into my laptop, turned on my Spotify and searched for Alanis Morissette. I turned my volume nearly all the way up and began to type. 

The news I got today set me over the edge with rage. The blood that coarse’s through my veins began to boil under my skin. The headache I had been fighting off came on full course and wouldn’t stop pounding behind my temple.

What’s the news? Axe Girl will gladly tell you.

My Prince Charming, while practically perfect in every way, has one huge flaw. Her name is Amber. (Just typing her name irritates me.
Anyways, this Amber is his ex girlfriend. Now, as I’ve said before, I am an extremely jealous girl. This girl is the one who makes me question the truthfulness of almost every statement my Prince Charming makes. 

I trust Dylan, don’t get me wrong, but I have never and will never trust this Amber. 
See, she is the kind of girl who is sweet and innocent on the outside, but behind that mask lays a lying, deceiving, home wrecking little whore. Now, you can say Axe Girl took that too far, but no, she didn’t. 

Now, I will not post everything derogatory I know about this girl here, because that would be rude, crude, and social unacceptable. I will say, however, that there is very good reason for me to be saying these things.

Anyways, on to the news I got.

Amber and Dylan used to be an item, as I have already said, and it didn’t work. (That’s partly because this girl is seriously dumber that an box of rocks) She moved from California to Oregon. That was all gravy. She was far away from man and that’s what mattered to me. While she lived in Oregon, she would not leave Dylan alone. She would cal, she would text, she would Facebook him. It was nonstop and it drove me up a wall. 

She even went as far as to sending him photo’s of her in less than desirable clothing attire. She knew full well he was with me then and she knew full well it was wrong. She just didn’t care. (Home wrecking whore).

There was a point when Dylan was out of the state and I had told Amber not to contact him again or I would personally see to it she suffered the repercussions of her actions. She swore to me faithfully she would leave him alone. I find out two days later, she called him again. (Liar)

When I confronted her about sending him photo’s and such she told me she was unaware I knew about them and that she didn’t want to cause problems. (deceiving)

So now that I have explained why this girl is a lying, deceiving, home wrecking whore I will continue with the news I got.


Today, I am talking with Dylan, who is currently out of town spending time with some family, and he tells me he has some news. Instantly I know it’s that Amber is coming back to California. I ask him anyways, hoping and praying that I am wrong. He tells me he got a call today and that I’m not going to be too happy about the outcome. 

That struck a nerve. 

I was instantly furious. Not only was I furious, I was outraged that not only is this girl coming back, but she felt it necessary to call and tell him. 

Now, if you only knew the type’s of things this girl did. If you knew the type’s of things she has offered and agreed to. You would understand the extent of my utter outrage. 

So, I say to Dylan that’s fine. Am I happy about it no, but it’s fine. He proceeds to tell me that he thinks this whore deserve’s to see him! That she deserves at the very least a “hi, how are you doing?” and maybe a hug! 

That’s when any and all control I had went out the window. I went from furious to irate in .2 seconds. 

So my lovely readers, I am here to tell you Axe Girl is pissed. 

Axe Girl is past the point of talking to.

Axe Girl is done talking and is currently bending to pick up her axe.



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