Just A Fairy Tale?

There is really no need for a back story on this one. My Prince Charming, my Knight In Shining Armor, my Rescuer when I, myself was a D.O.D (Damsel In Distress), the King of my heart and only guy on my mind, Dylan.

He is that guy you wouldn’t think would be with a girl like me. He’s an outdoor-sy kind of guy. He loves cold weather, but hates the rain. He likes to hike, and camp, and fish, and you know, guy stuff. He listens to old school rock, the classics. To give you just a brief idea of what I mean, his favorite band is Led Zeppelin. He’s not the guy that you’ll find in a club drinking a martini that’s for sure. He’s more of the guy that you’ll find in his room playing video games while drinking a beer. Now, just because he’s an outdoor-sy guy, doesn’t mean he isn’t a gentleman.

One of the things that attracted me most to him was his great sense of humor, and how respectfully he treated ladies. Now if you were a hoe he treated you as such, but if he didn’t know you too well, or you were actually a lady, he treated you like one.

When we first started dating, and even now, he opened the door for me going in somewhere, or out of somewhere and when I was getting into the car. He never spoke to me in a derogatory manor, he was always respectful and such a gentleman.
I remember or first actual date. He had just got off work and wanted to take me to dinner. I swear it took me three hours to get ready that night. Luckily, I was ready when he got there.
I had decided on cute but slightly simple. I wore a blue tank top with a pair of denim skinny jeans and a pair of black bots and a fur hooded button vest type thing. I wore my hair half up with my bangs out, but pushed out of my eyes. I had my make up done flawlessly but still elegant. I even wore the perfume he liked. The look on his face when I came down the stairs was picture perfect. I may not have pulled out a camera but it is still etched into my mind and as clear to me now as when I first saw it that day.

We walked towards the door and he politely stepped in front of me and opened it for me to walk out. Then when we got to the car, he opened my door first and then went around and got in the drivers side. He let me pick the restaurant and didn’t even say anything about not being a huge fan of Italian food. When we went to our seats, he pulled out my chair and pushed it in for me after I had sat down. The whole night he sat across form me and stared into my eyes like he was falling in love with me for the first time. During dinner there was even a point when I had my hand rested on the table and he reached across so gingerly and laced his fingers with mine.

That night after he dropped me off at home I danced in circles in my bedroom while my bestfriend sat in the hall and laughed at me.

I have never met a guy who could make me so crazy in love while not only being the best friend he could to me, but by being the best lover and partner he could be too.

I didn’t think I would cry while writing this, but I guess I underestimated my emotional level.
To the world, Dylan might not be anything special right now, that will change with time because we’re both still young-ish. But Dylan is not just the most special to me, but I consider him to be the thing that makes my world special. He gives me purpose and makes me want to be a better person. I may not show it often, if not ever, but when I’m with him I feel not only more important, but I fell more respected, more loved, and more beautiful than I have ever felt in my whole life. I would have never guessed in a million years that a man could make me feel so alive and so real. But the day when I was at my most D.O.D moment, he practically swept out of the sky on a Pegasus on a cloud and became my Hercules. When I have my most Pinocchio moments and I feel like my nose is surfing on the East Coast while I sit on the West, he walks in and becomes not only Gepetto but my Fairy God Mother too. When I’m waltzing around in Wonderland not paying any attention to the real world he politely becomes the Cheshire Cat and wakes me from my dreams. Dylan and I may not “officially” be together, but my heart belongs to him. I would hop on his white horse and ride off into the sunset towards his castle while I waved goodbye to the seven dwarfs any day.

So, to those girls who think it’s not possible; stay optimistic girl. It will happen and it doesn’t matter what shape, size, color, or religion you are. Love is meant for everyone. That’s not just a Fairy Tale.

(If by chance My Prince Charming reads this, I hope he realizes and understand I mean every word…)
Axe Girl


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