A Stupid Girl’s Jealous Over Reaction

So today Axe Girl went a little loco. 

Before I describe the events that transpired tonight, let me just give you a bit of background.

Axe Girl: That would obviously be me. I am a very jealous girl and I tend to overreact when I get jealous. I have been a lot in my past by guys and I’ve been cheated on and used. Now I don’t want sympathy for those things, because in my past blogs and in blogs to come I am sure you will understand I am not an angel in all these things. I say and do some pretty provoking things sometimes. However, because I’ve been hurt so much I tend to keep my guard up a bit more now. I also tend to overreact when i probably shouldn’t.  I don’t want to get hurt again like I have been in the past, so I am always on my guard with things like that. 


Tonight that got me into some trouble. 
If you’ve read my past blog, “Just A Fairy Tale?” you will know I am madly in love with a very special guy named Dylan. I have never been so in love or cared about a guy, or any one for that matter, as much as I care about him. He likes his space though. Today was one of those days I guess because he didn’t have his phone all day and when he did finally have his phone he was doing other things. 
Apparently, he had been playing a game all day on xBox and then started drinking. After that he had to help clean up the house and he was talking to his room-mate’s little sister. 
Like I said before, I am really jealous. I know I have NOTHING to worry about when it comes to this little girl, she is only a freshman in high school and from what Dylan tells me, he is not her type because she has “jungle fever”. 

Well, while Dylan was talking to his room-mate’s sister I was calling him. One of the times he accidentally picked up but then hung up again. I think maybe his phone was in his pocket and he bumped it or butt dialed me. Anyways, after that his pocket called me again and I heard some of the conversation. He was moving around so it was muffled and I, with my jealous ears, heard him talking to another girl. And with my jealous ears I heard him talking about sexual activities and such. Now I am here to tell you now, that he was not talking about those things. He was actually talking about his room-mate’s cousin and the guys that went to his room-mate’s sisters school. 

I didn’t hear any of that, I heard other things with my jealous ears. 
So with my jealous mind and angry thoughts now, I got on Facebook and I typed a very mean and hateful message to Dylan. 



Axe Girl was not very nice to Dylan until the very last line where I take back everything he said if he was talking to his room-mate’s little sister (Chelsea)

Well, I wasn’t all mean…. I did send him other messages following those.



Well….. Dylan saw those messages…. the really mean ones, not the ones where I was saying how bad it would hurt, or how sorry I was if it was just Chelsea. Or that I took everything back if it was just her. 

Needless to say my Prince Charming was not very happy with me. I’m very lucky he loves me as much as he does, or I wouldn’t have a Prince Charming anymore. 


So as you see, I say some pretty harsh provoking things when I’m angry or jealous. Now, hopefully my Prince Charming will have forgiven me in the morning and hopefully he won’t read those messages again. And now that it’s past 4Am on the West Coast, I think it’s time for Axe Girl to get some sleep. 




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